Thursday, December 16, 2010

lady dont leave me please.....

lady! kimia(analisis forensic) di shah alam n u dont even thnk to tell meh....? why do u have to leave me lady? nanti kalau aku balik weekend, sapa nak sembang dgn aku lady? cunning betul. minta kat shah alam tak khabar2 kat aku... lady, do u have to do that huh? hiding everythng from me and i guess if i dont come today, u will not telling me at all kan?

aku tak merajuk la. kalau merajuk pun, u dont even want to say a word to make me better kan?

tidak la...aku tak marah.

gud luck my dear lady. jgn nakal2 di shah alam, do balik masa cuti and do call me if u have 'otak serabut'... i know u always having otak serabut walaupun its only small matter...

still, i want u word on pujuking me ok?



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