Monday, July 2, 2012

i love you?

yeah. bout love that i have been talk lately....

no, it's not a boy-love-girl type but my protective-love type my lady... i guess.

dear lady,
keep strong really,
u just have to call me if u had something cloudy in ur head
and please, dont keep such secret that may break my heart to heard to see u heartbroken alone...
i hate it. dont keep it from me

i'll be ur best listener,
i'm ur best buddy remember,
so i say please, please...
sms me, when u need someone to heard u,
i'll promise to listen to u...

and dont such thing like going to rooftop alone again...
it's dangerous.
i know u are strong but then u'll never if u fight with a men.
we are stronger, no matter how strong u are.

listen to this...
so, i dont want to hear such thing like u lepak over night kat rooftop menara snt tu
never again.
promise me.



Liza@El@KedFlop said...

aaaa.... xlepak dah malam2 kat ctu.. lgpun adabenda apantah, fyp budak engin kut... not saying aku kacau benda tu, tp tak mau buat penyebab...
so, no worries ;)

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